Frequently Asked Questions

How does planning my event work?

Every client who books with us gets a personal planning site dedicated to every element of your event.  Contract details, Music Requests, Timelines, Questionairres, and Payments can all be done through the site from the device of your choice. 

What type of equipment do you use?

For our piece of mind and, more importantly, yours…we use high end professional grade equipment for event.  Top of the line brands and a clean presentation is a core value of ours. Before we push play at every event, we have a detailed checklist that we run through to ensure that everything goes as promised.  If you want all the geeky details…lets us know!

Do you have backup equipment?

By having cutting edge equipment we rarely need to deploy Plan B….but we got one.  We come to every event with backups for every piece of equipment.  If something wasn’t working as expected…you wouldn’t even know.  You have enough things to worry about, this won’t be one of them.  

What is your style of mixing?

We take a modern club-style approach to weddings.  Songs are mixed seemlessly and energy is kept high throughout the night.  Based on you and your guests preferences, we currate the vibe you are looking for.

Do you take requests?

Yes! Within our planning site there is plenty of room for you to add your “Must Play”, “Play if Possible”, and “Do Not Play” songs.

Also, We absolutely welcome song requests from your guests (if you’re ok with it)! Our aim is to accommodate as many as possible, while also being transparent if we foresee any challenges in fulfilling a request. If a song doesn’t quite align with the vibe or we feel might not resonate with the crowd, we may need to filter it out. With our extensive professional experience, we have a firm grip of what songs work best for different atmospheres.  

Do you have mix I can listen to?

Absolutely, let us know and we can send you over a few different mix flavors for you to take a listen.   Keep in mind, your mix may sound very different depending on your musical tastes and event.

When should I book my DJ?

Typically a year (or more) before your event is a good time to secure your DJ.  We encourage you to interview a few different companies to be sure you find someone that fits what you’re looking for.  The best vendors book up very quick, start early to be sure you get all the right people

Are you insured?

You bet!  A good practice as you plan your event is to ask this question of every one of your vendors.  Although not required for every venue/event, professional companies will carry a policy and can provid proof when requested.