With every booking you will get everything you need to make the experience a success!  You will have a dedicated attendant to help guests through the process, backdrop of your choice, and tons of fun props!

Photo Booth Backdrop Options

Add a touch of fun and flair to your event with our selection of twelve charming photo booth backdrops. From classic designs to quirky themes, Doucette DJ Entertainment offers a variety of options to suit any occasion. Let your guests strike a pose against our backdrop collection and create lasting memories that they’ll cherish forever. Explore our range today and make your event unforgettable

Introducing our all-digital social booth—a modern twist on event fun. With our user-friendly technology, guests can snap photos and instantly share them on social media, adding an extra element of excitement to your event. Customizable features ensure a personalized touch, making it a hit with guests of all ages. Upgrade your event experience with our all-digital social booth and create memorable moments that everyone can enjoy.

Grab a sign and strike a pose! We bring an exciting array of props for our social booth. From silly hats, funny signs, to funky glasses… our collection is sure to spark laughter and creativity among your guests. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, our diverse selection of props adds an extra layer of excitement to every photo. Let loose, grab a prop, and capture the moment!